Martial Arts Day in Germany

Martial Arts Day Berlin is a day where people can learn more about Jujitsu (Karate), Muay Thai, and MMA. Bernd Hole organized the event for the second year. It is the largest European event of its kind. This is largely due to its extensive offer of seminar leaders, which cannot be matched anywhere else. In addition, there will be workshops and demonstrations by renowned martial artists.


If you are a karate student, then you know that the idea of a Karate martial art day is something you should be aware. Karate is not just empty hand techniques, but includes a wide variety of techniques, from kicks and punches to breathing and posture. Many styles include grappling and throwing as well as pressure point attack techniques. World Karate Day celebrates Karate as a sport with various events and championships around the globe.

There are many reasons you should practice karate. However, the primary reason is to improve your mind. It helps develop courage, tenacity and humility as well as integrity and a work ethic. Students of karate also form relationships with fellow students, which helps them work together to achieve the best possible results. The benefits of learning karate go far beyond the physical, and the training will last a lifetime. It will challenge your body, mind, and spirit.


This ancient Japanese combat art, also called Jujitsu and Ju Jutsu was created in feudal Japan as an addition to armed fighting. Jujitsu’s title means “gentle” and reflects its dependence upon a central point gravity. Although some techniques are similar to Kickboxing, most are focused on the human form, including avoiding strikes or tripping opponents.

Originally practiced by soldiers, Jujitsu has become an extremely popular sport. It was developed in Japan and quickly spread to other continents. It is one the most popular martial arts, with over 100 million practitioners in more than 150 countries. Gi and Gracie, two of the most famous practitioners, emigrated with the martial art from Japan to Brazil. In 1882, Mitsuyo Maeda was a teacher of martial arts in Brazil. He met Gastao Gracie, the legendary Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu champion. Carlos Gracie was later taught the art by them.

Judo, a Japanese martial arts, was created in the nineteenth century. Its purpose is to bring an opponent to the floor, immobilize him, then subdue him using grappling techniques. Judo, however, is not like other martial arts. It requires that the practitioner follows a predetermined set of forms. The technique cannot be taught for free. Jujitsu is not appropriate for everyone.

Muay Thai

Two Muay Thai martial art days are celebrated around the world. Muay Thai Day falls on February 6 and March 17. The former is a national holiday, while the latter has an older history and honors a legendary Thai fighter called Nai Khanom Tom. This man was captured by the Burmese army during the late eighteenth century, but fought back and was able to win his freedom.

The sport was born after the French brothers studied various styles of combat in Southeast Asia. The French brothers decided to stage a match between their two brothers and a Thai fighter. The Frenchman’s brother attacked the Thai fighter from behind, and other Thai fighters joined in the fight. The French brothers embarrassed many Thai fighters and raised national pride in the art. If you want to be a great fighter, sign up for the Muay Thailand martial arts day!


Six martial artists representing the GKMAF Krellmann, a Baar organization, attended the second annual Martial Arts Day. This event, which brings together 700 martial artists representing 15 countries, is the largest European martial arts day. All the martial artists share the same passion for their art and the GKMAF Krellmann Team made the trip to be there. They are excited to participate in this charitable event.

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